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At Cinematography.solutions our director of photographie have more than 15 years of experience working on television series, drama, documentaries, EPKs, commercials and corporate videos. Also our DOP and film production crew have work all around the world form Arctic region to jungle, desert or high mountain, Let just say that filming it’s a passion and capturing your stories drives us!

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Following an unusual path , my passion for images and light has always been present in my life.
Member of the ARRQ (Quebec Director Association) I made ​​several documentaries that have led me to work in Quebec, Nunavut, Cuba, Argentina, France, Belgium and Switzerland. By participating, in the last ten years, in many local and foreign location shootings, as producer, director and in the camera department

My career has also allowed me to work as a photographer for modelling agencies in various cities such as New York, Paris and Brussels. This experience has allowed me to meet designers and visual artists from different backgrounds and schools of thought .
Light is an artistic medium that we can tame, shape and experience to create a story. Playing with shadows, colours and contrast, seek instead the visual that will enhance the storyline and the characters, while avoiding standard usage.

To be director of photography, in my opinion, is to transcribe pictures and ideas and to know how to interpret the mind of the director with whom dialogue and collaboration are essential. This symbiosis is a team work where listening and understanding is in the foreground. More than technique, making a film is a wonderful human adventure!