Project Description


After Canada, Dinner on the Farm continues its journey across the Atlantic, this time in the Southern Hemisphere. A new season to meet the five candidates of Swiss origin settled in Argentina. From arid steppes to the imposing glaciers of southern Patagonia, this Argentinean dinner travels from hacienda to hacienda to discover local flavours.

According to the last census of 2013, Argentina counts nearly 15,800 Swiss, many of them evolving as farmers or pastoralists in former colonies built during the nineteenth century.

These colonies named Helvetia, Grutli, extend in different provinces: Mendoza, Entre-Rios (Parana), Rio Negro, Neuquen, Santa Fe, etc. Since then, many families (especially Valaisannes, because more than half of the Swiss arrived in Argentina between 1850 and 1930 were Valaisans) and many Swiss peasants evolved out of the colonies from the border with Paraguay to the ends of the Earth of fire.

The purpose of this series of 6 episodes of 52 minutes is to gather 5 Swiss families active in agriculture or livestock to follow their daily lives and enjoy, through successive visits of candidates in each “hacienda” or “ganaderia” the discovery of these Swiss terroirs and the local gastronomy specific to each of these provinces, while keeping a single thread: their “Swissness”!

The Argentinian Dinner starts around a monument to the Valais emigration, the last Dutch-style mill still intact in Argentina, named after its builder, an emigré of Vex, Jean Forclaz.

The four guests of the first dinner – Christoph, Aldo, Pedro and Eduardo – will meet at the foot of this mill before returning home with their host, Carina, whose ancestors left the mountains of Valais for the banks of the Uruguay River. Carina and her family run a farm market in central Argentina.

CHRISTOPH SCHAER The second stage of dinner in Argentina brings us to Patagonia. In an atmosphere of southern western, Christoph, gentleman farmer from the Emmental, raises his thousand merino sheep on an area equivalent to twice that of the canton of Geneva. As an aperitif, he will treat his guests with breaded cutlets of Guanaco, the sylvester of the domesticated lama. And as a main dish you can taste one of the most popular dishes of Argentina: the authentic Patagonian sheep braised in a wood fire.

ALDO CETTOUR During the third stage of the Argentinian Dinner, we will discover the green world of Aldo market gardening in his garden of San José. The guests will taste his artisanal sausages made in his artisan charcuterie according to the Valais tradition. As an appetizer, it will offer grilled meat, a fish from the Uruguay river of the catfish family, as a main course a rare commodity in Argentina, deer fillet and as a dessert a Dulce de leche cheesecake.

PEDRO ANTONINI The penultimate stage of the Argentinean Dinner brings us to the vast lands of the Ticino Pedro, Dean of the series, around Tandil in the province of Buenos Aires. On the menu, a turkey marinade with vegetables from the farm as input. As a main dish, the real “asado” of beef and pork in slow cooking over a wood fire. As a dessert, Pedro and his wife Inès offer strawberry and fig pies from their garden.